Our Services

Brainers offers wide range of services and products to everyone who is concerned about education!  We work with school owners, administrators, HOD and teachers, parents and students to support their educational needs.

Since 2009, Brainers has been working toward developing educational services for diverse level of educators. We offer  school administrators in Egypt and MENA regions with solutions to improve school management, support LMS, provide affordable HR, and expand Professional Development opportunities. Watch for our new development! Our next step is to offer free and paid webinars for teacher PD.

We also will be offering parents and students better learning options making classes and schools more affordable without sacrificing the quality of education. We are developing platform to match tutors/teachers with students, parents with schools administrators, school owners with teachers.  It will be your go-to educational hub!

Educational Support for Everyone!

School Owners, Administrators, and HOD: LMS, HR, School Improvement Plan, Cognia accreditation support, and  Teacher Induction Program.

Teachers and Tutors: Be part of the HR data pool, gain skills needed for higher pay, gain students for supplemental income, and join a team of experts in becoming a lecturer on online and onsite.

Parents and Students: Have a voice in rating schools, easy access to expert exam tutors, and gain all options for online virtual schools abroad.


Educational Certificate Courses (Online)

  • Affiliated with International Literacy Association ILA  and Read Egypt
  • Paid training course always come with Brainers Certificate after passing evaluations.
  • Videos, downloadable course materials, feedback and evaluation.
  • Online Summer and Winter courses are a great way to gain qualifications.

Parenting Courses (Online)

  • Paid training course always come with Brainers Certificate of participation.
  • Videos, downloadable course materials, feedback and evaluation.
  • Weekend Workshop for busy parents.


International Literacy Association (ILA)
Read Egypt