Who We Are

Brainers started by group of educators who wanted to develop educational platform which meet needs of school owners to find teachers, as well as teacher be promoted with better salary and benefits.  Now, the company offers school administrators in Egypt and MENA regions with solutions to improve school management, support LMS, provide affordable HR, and expand Professional Development opportunities. Watch for our new development! Our next step is to offer free and paid webinars for teacher PD.

We also will be offering parents and students better learning options making classes and schools more affordable without sacrificing the quality of education. We are developing platform to match tutors/teachers with students, parents with schools administrators, school owners with teachers.  It will be your go-to educational hub!

Our Mission and Goals

Provide administrators with successful school plan to gain profit.

Support teachers to gain better professional positions with competitive salaries.

Empower parents to be be able to find best educational option for their child/ren.


HR Hiring

  • We were able to support teachers with positions in KSA and Cairo International Schools.
  • We provided school owners with qualified fluent English speaking teachers.
  • We have interviewed and collected data base with over thousand candidates of all variety of expertise, salary rates, and experience.

School Improvement

  • Have accredited 15 schools with Cognia and Advance Ed.
  • Resolve many school student discipline problems.
  • Have managed and organized school to successful accreditation.

Successful Webinars

  • Offered Free Webinars for teachers online
  • Partnered with ILA accreditation to improve teacher education with Arabic translation.
  • Onsite Teacher PD at International Schools.

Webinars and Courses

  • Weekly free educational webinars for teachers, educators, and parents.
  • Affordable online skill courses to support the latest educational needs

Educational Hub

  • School Administrators can gain affordable teacher training online.
  • Parents can see school rating and company’s research to make better choices
  • Educational E-Books and videos available in Arabic and English.

Parenting Platform

  • Parents and students educational counseling.
  • Find different school options and affordability.