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Our vision

Whatever the level of the school is, there's still higher. That, we consider a responsibility that we are honored to be part of its accomplishment

Our mission

Brainers solve dilemmas in an advanced way. We give you the torch and the key, and your development is our success

Our Success Stories

CIS international School: Abu Dhabi Gems International School: Abu Dhabi AAIS (Andalus American School): Cairo Prime International School, : Cairo Genius Dome International school : Giza. All our work in these schools is documented and registered. So kindly allow us to register our work in your school, as we will be proud to work with you.

Who we are...

We have been based in Abu Dhabi since 2017 as a group of experts in international education and business developers, aiming at offering a better level of all school services. We have inaugurated Cairo branch in 2019 and preparing 2 more branches in Jordan and KSA to be ready to operate in 2021. We have bettered some reputable schools in Abu Dhabi and Cairo. We are specialized in all school business: we supply all your needs; we solve all administrative problems and always offer you a better solution. Our work encompasses every service the school provides. Whatever is needed in your school (staff, system, management, events, software, etc…), we provide in the most affordable deals. Brainers always make your school brainier and Smarter!

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